Wooden pavilions especially in combination of landscape design can make your real estate much more expensive at the marker. Wooden pavilion of good quality will adorn your yard, café, bar, restaurant, rest area. In wooden pavilion you will always spend wonderful time with your guests at home or have visitors as a restaurant, bar or café.

We produce small simple wooden pavilions and big pavilions with barbecue zone. Complete production cycle from logging to final production allows us to produce wooden pavilions of superior quality for affordable price. Regardless of your current remoteness to our manufacture you can order production of wooden pavilion in accordance with your drawings or design.



Wood wall panels, plinths and decorative moulding produced by our company makes interior of your home refined and exclusive. Wood wall panels, plinths and mouldings are great decoration for any interior, be it dining facility such as cafe, bar, restaurant or leisure and hospitality business such as club, theatre, cinema let alone state institutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us and you will be satisfied with our quality and price.



Wooden staircases from manufacturer PE "CIO" are made of furniture board produced by our company. Complete production cycle from raw materials to finished products makes wooden stairs of our production very competitive by price and by highest quality. We produce wooden stairs of oak, beech and ash-tree. We also produce stair railings: hand-rails and balusters of natural wood which you can buy separately from stairs. Our craftsmen can decorate your stairs and railings with any carving that will add elegancy to your interior. Delivery within Ukraine is by any courier service. Delivery of samples internationally - upon request. Please do not hesitate contacting us.



Wood doors are good and long-term investment when building own home or apartment. Wood doors delight your eyes with natural forms, keep you healthy by absence of harmful evaporation as well as save your money by long lifetime. If you live in apartment please imagine what will happen with you newly-acquired particleboard, pressboard or MDF doors in case of pipe break or if upstairs neighbor forgot to close water in a bathroom or sink and went to work. You are right - you will be forced to change all doors and possibly all furniture. Wood doors and furniture bear critical stress with ease. Even though natural wood doors and furniture cost a bit more long lifetime, ecological safety and elegancy of natural wood makes your interior rich and makes your investment worthwhile.

PE CIO take the orders for production of entrance and interior doors and door-cases of wood. Domestic Ukrainian delivery of retail orders is by courier services. For international customers we sell wholesale only.



Thousands of years our ancestors made their dwellings of natural materials. During last century artificial materials pushed aside essentially natural materials in our household. While often artificial materials solved one problem, they created unwanted side effects in the other fields. Industry uses artificial materials because they are often less expensive then natural materials. However in practice less expensive is not always better. Let us take as an example windows. Plastic windows burst into our life as new modern and progressive material but in practice it looses it shape and aid fungus development. Metal plastic windows took the place of plastic windows and who knows now all their hidden side effects. Wood windows are time proved by centuries of utilization and with the right usage can last as much as plastic and metal plastic windows however with wood windows it is possible to predict absence of side effects such as heavy metals evaporation or some others. Classics is always the fashion however substitute materials come and go but you can not get back your spent money for such experiments.
Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning wooden windows production regardless of you remoteness within Ukraine. For international customers we ship wholesale only.



PE CIO produce bureaus, chest of drawers, bedside, night tables of natural wood. They are perfect decorations of interior environment. Classic and modern, lacquer and paint, carved and straight bureaus, chest of drawers, bedside tables of wood will reliably serve to you and even to your children.
If you just count in-service life of natural wood furniture, then you can easily see that the investment in natural furniture is more cost effective in comparison to several sets of pressboard or MDF furniture during the same lifespan. Our prices will be a good surprise to you, so please do not hesitate contacting us and order natural furniture: bureaus, chest of drawers, bedside, night tables from Ukrainian manufacturer.



We spend one third of our time in bed. High quality, natural, ecologically clean bed that does not evaporate any injurious substances is a cornerstone of good health. You can buy eco-friendly bedroom furniture made of high quality wood of Carpathian mountains. With us you will definitely find furniture for your bedroom based on your preferences for a good price. Good location at the border of several Eastern European countries makes international shipping fast and cost effective.
We are looking forward for mutually beneficial cooperation.



Closet is right hand of every lady of the house. Things, books, documents are piled and powdered with dust if not in closet.  We all know that natural furniture is very much appreciated for its ability of in-service life. Wood closets have all chances to become ancient but not old and will serve you for life. High durability, possibility of renovation and ecological cleanliness of wood furniture makes it a great decorations of any style interior environment.



Even if you can not come in contact with some interior features such as ceiling, you come very often in contact with such items as chairs and tables almost instantly after visit. Durability and safety, quality and elegance are main characteristics of natural wood. Our company produce green furniture and especially chairs, desks and tables for dining rooms, kitchens, offices etc. With our furniture you can combine in your dwelling ecological cleanliness of Carpathian mountains even if you are thousands kilometres away.