Since many years the private enterprise SIO is one of the companies creating a positive image of Transcarpathian region and in Ukraine as well.
History of “CIO” goes back to 24.Okt.1995.
Vasyl’ Fedorovych Symochko, an experienced specialist, a famous public figure and talented organizer, the member of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Businessman, is the Director and the Founder of the enterprise “CIO”.

The main directions of company’s activities:

  • Wood products manufacture and sale: timber, lumber, furniture, millwork, plate and other types of furniture blanks, wooden parts and products for building constructions.
  • Export, wholesale and retail trade of woodworking products.
  • Wood logging and processing.
  • Repair, technical assistance, sale of vehicles intended for logging.

All technology process at PE CIO is based on effective and deep processing of raw materials that is entering for production.
All stages of technology process are as follows:
1. All wood is entering at the enterprise in full-length logging. That is why depending on size of the end product we cut trees by means of gas chainsaws accordingly.
2. Wood sawing for timber is carried out at frame sawing machine P-63. Timber is settled in packets on interliners.
3. Packets are put on the ground for drying with fresh air.
4. Some packets are steamed in special steaming pit.
5. After fresh air drying stacks of boards are loaded into drying kiln of batch operation “KATRES” until complete wood drying to the humidity of 8+-2%. Volume of six drying kilns is 210-220 m3.
6. At our enterprise we mostly use sitting-and-cutting scheme of wood sawing. However we also can use transverse longitudinal cutting. For this we use self feed multirip benches, circular and cross-cutting mills.

PE CIO produce all kind of natural wood products made of fir tree, sprucewood, beech, ash wood, sycamore maple, harewood, poplar and other species of wood.
We produce sets of wood kitchen furniture, wall cabinets, bedroom, hallway, drawing-room suites; we also produce occasional furniture such as cupboards, bureaus, all kind of closets, book stacks, dining alcoves, beds, tables, chairs, armchairs, stools and many other natural wood products for home.
Amidst our products you can also find door units of different construction and dimensions, prefabricated window units, flooring, lining boards, doubling plates, plinths, casing, jambs, and lintels of doors or windows and even more.
Additionally we produce wood stair kits for interiors including steps, railings, balusters and staircases.
Our company is also a timber manufacturer, so we produce scantlings, beams, roof trusses, edged and unedged boards as well as narrow boards, shaped bars, steps, banisters, glued blanks, glued board of natural wood.
We use only certified wood in our production by FSC standard – enterprise certification number is SGS-COC-006958. Our production starts from logging and ends by realization of finished goods to our customers.
Main wood species that are used in production process are beech, pine, spruce as well as valuable wood species such as maple, ash tree, oak, cherry, hazel wood.
Main sources of raw materials are state forestry enterprises and private logging contractors of V.Bereznyi, Perechin districts of Transcarpathian region, enterprises of Lviv, Zhitomir and Rivne region.
Yearly volume of raw material processing is 6.500 m3 of round timber and 500 m3 of third party timber.

Private enterprise "CIO" (short title PE "CIO"), identity code 22076788,  founded on property of legal entity - limited liability company "VABUDO", which is created by corporate reconstruction of Open Joint Stock company "CIO" and is legal successor of its rights and obligations.

Company is situated to the address: 89000, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Velykiy Berezniy, Zavodska str., 3,

The main field of activity is logging, production and realization of woodworking goods, timber, plank, wooden construction materials etc.

Registered capital of the Enterprise is 25 mln. UAH. 100% of charter capital is of PE CIO belongs to its owner VABUDO LLC.

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